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When you become a wholesale customer you get all of us at Park Avenue Coffee standing in support of you, working for you. Sourcing and roasting the finest coffees in the world for you is only the start. You’ll also be receiving the full support of our green coffee buyers, meticulous roasters, helpful staff and quality control team that operate “behind” the coffee. Our sales team has expertise in all things coffee and tea, including a comprehensive knowledge of espresso machines and brewers.

Having said that, we’re available to offer guidance on all aspects of your coffee and tea service — from basic beverage preparation to consultations on your store layout, design, and equipment. We also provide comprehensive barista training to ensure that you and your staff maintain the highest levels of quality and consistency in your brewing and preparation methods. Whether you’re starting a new business or simply want to shift toward an organic, local, and/or sustainable approach to your coffee and tea offerings, we can provide solutions to meet your needs.

Private and Custom Labels

We offer a great deal of custom labeling options to incorporate your name, logo, graphics, and color scheme to cohesively tie the packaged coffee to your brand and help make it a unique product for your customers. We will work closely with you through every step, because we know how important it is to be proud of the product that bears your name. We offer this for both wholesale and fundraising opportunities at a low minimum for customers of any size.

Custom Roasting

An opportunity for you to custom roast and blend coffee to your specifications and nuances, creating something truly unique to your business. Whether you want a unique blend to serve in your restaurant or retail shop, we will work to develop a signature roast and blend that best suits your needs. Our roasting facility allows us great flexibility to create small, sample batches of coffee so that we may quickly find that perfect match.

Direct Trade

Park Avenue Coffee works to buy coffee directly from the producers, growing a partnership to nurture a socially conscious and environmentally sound coffee farm, while allowing us to collaborate with the producers. Quality coffee does not start in your local café or at home in your kitchen: it takes great commitment to bring our customers a coffee that we may truly stand behind.

Premium Loose Leaf Tea

We boast an extraordinary tea selection sourced from only the finest teas in the world. Our direct relationships allow us to provide rare and exclusive teas that offer an unmatched level of freshness. We are proud to offer over 30 loose leaf teas and herbs from skilled artisans whose families have been making traditional teas and herbs for generations. Let us help you craft an outstanding tea program for your guest.


Park Avenue Coffee is committed to providing our customers with quality coffees and teas at great prices. Give us a call, or email us anytime, to get more information about our custom wholesale program.
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